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The Great American Beer Festival

This year is gonna be great! I absolutely cannot wait to load up the car, head to Denver and drink beer for 4 days!

This year, my cousin Ryan and his wife Angie will be joining Lindsey and I. Neither Ryan or Angie have ever been to an event quite like this and their in for a real treat! Lindsey, being the pregnant lady that she is, will not be able to partake in the drinking at this year’s festival, but there’s cool things for her to do as a DD. They even have a craft root beer tasting for her to check out! It’s gonna be so nice to get away from home, spend some time with good friends and family and drink just a little bit too much! :D

As for buying tickets yesterday, it was quite the shit show. I’m glad that I was able to get my tickets in time as the member’s only session sold out extremely quick. I was able to secure 2 tickets for Lindsey and I, and also 2 tickets for Ryan and Angie. I’m kinda lucky that I got it done in time because people started posting about not being able to get tickets within 30 minutes of the tickets going on sale. I suppose with the festival getting bigger and bigger each year, more and more people are wanting to attend.

The only little mishap I had was that I wasn’t able to buy Lindsey a DD ticket. The stupid ticketmaster system would only let me buy 2 regular tickets or 2 DD tickets. Not 1 of both. Being that I had such a small timeframe to buy the tickets, I went ahead and snagged a full ticket for her as well. It cost an extra $40 to do it, but I was worried about not getting her a ticket in time. Oh well, I guess that just means that I can double fist my glasses at the festival!


On another note, tonight I will be trying some new beers that I’ve been waiting to put down the hatch. I’ll be sure to post up a review or 2 on the more memorable beers!


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